Saturday, December 15, 2012

Skittles on Davie Street

Skittles on Davie Street © Shayla Perreault (Atc, mixed media on paper).   

My neighborhood is dynamic with hot pink bus stops, rainbow flags, sequins and stilettos at night, the occasional dance beat thumping out an open club door, and a riot of wondrously, tacky Christmas lights. It smells like savory donair meat and pizza, yeast, cinnamon and melted brown sugar. It's recognizing the faces at my favorite cafe (Melriche's), the health food store and the West Valley Market after work when getting ingredients for a curry. It's a lazy Saturday morning watching all the dog walkers in the rain from my balcony with a cup of mango tea.


ArtPropelled said...

Sounds like bliss. People watching from the balcony while sipping tea.

Tracy said...

YUM... both to your neighborhood description and your lush art work portraying it! BEAUTIFUL, Shayla... Carry on enjoying. :o) ((HUGS))