Saturday, December 1, 2012

Belated posting for Art Every Day Month

"Hands Down" sketch
The only camera I have right now, is J's iphone and when he's home it's dark. Not the best for taking pictures. I'm scheduling a couple of things I did over Art Every Day Month. Yesterday was a great studio day. I got an Atc finished called "Skittles on Davie Street" that I'm really excited about. I did battle with a painting I've had on the go for a year, and I think I came off victorious- won't know for sure until I get some better lighting. It's been pretty gray and dark since. Lastly, and this was euphoric, I took a new 36x48" prepped canvas and put paint to it with such energy and release that it was done in ONE HOUR! Contrast: 1 year vs 1 hour. Same size. Same series. It was a pretty spectacular way to finish the month.


ArtPropelled said...

A great studio day..Yay! I like the sound of the one hour painting (therapeutic!) and looking forward to seeing the year long painting too.

Tracy said...

Hi, Shayla! Wonderful to catch up with you here after being away some days traveling and celebrating Thanksgiving in the US. the creative energy here. And love that--1 year vs 1 hour...AMAZING stuff! Look forward to seeing more. :o) Happy Week ((HUGS))

Wild C said...

I've had similar experiences to that, Shayla. Maybe the one hour painting is a culmination of all that has gone on in the one year one?