Saturday, November 10, 2012

AEDM- Day 10, House on Fire

When moving from New Brunswick I left much of my equipment behind. Now to photograph my work, I have either a phone or the camera in the mac. Took the photo after dark, looked crappy so added a filter.  

Mercury Retrograde is bombarding me in the most maddening way this month. The post won't publish or safe, so I'll try scheduling it.


ArtPropelled said...

Nice! .... and I'm relieved your home is not on fire. You had me blanching for a sec.

Tracy said...

Oh, I like this... the licking flames are wonderful surrounding all the color blocks! I think with the filter this worked really well. I'm playing with iPhoneography at the moment--so much fun! I hear you on the mercury retrograde...*sigh*... is it done yet?! LOL... Happy Days, Shayla ((HUGS))