Monday, October 29, 2012

© Shayla Perreault. Made from "Oilbar"- the creamiest, most tactile, and thrilling crayon for grown ups.

 While I needed a break to settle in at work and get used to the stimulation of the city, I've missed my art life. Not the making part, since I still do that- but the artist community. Time to say 'hello'.

© Photography Debra Zhou and Gillian Wood. My hands. Taken at a work retreat on Bowen Island
Blue Skies

Me on the shore


Tracy said...

It is so beautiful there...*sigh*...No wonder you've been away from here and just needing time to enjoy all that and find your place in it. Fun to see you! :o) And love your sketch. I must check out those yummy crayons... Happy Days ((HUGS))

Wild C said...

You've been missed, Shayla. Wonderful Matisse-esque sketch! And, yes, your new environment looks awesome :)

ArtPropelled said...

Hey Shayla!! So glad you've popped up in my sidebar again. Indeed you HAVE been missed.