Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's Still Life

  Seth Apter of The Altered Page features "The Pulse" every Sunday. It's a great connector where you can meet new artists and participate in challenges. Today he hosted, "It's Still Life". There's plenty of inspiration for practicing your drawing skills with this series. I may go back and do the wine glasses.

Below is my still life. Why the contents of my medicine cabinet? I think you can tell a lot about someone by their medicine cabinet. For people who write, it's one way to imagine up a new character by doing a still life of purse or cabinet contents. There's Tom's of Maine deodorant, homeopathic toothpaste, and cycle beads. Can you imagine a character to go with the box? I also enjoyed taking objects I'd normally find ugly and placing them in a composition that guides the eye through the space. Like the red bead being in the golden mean, the placement of colors and shapes.

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Tracy said...

Ever your medicine cabinet has a creative aspect--LOVE that! ;o) Very fun, Shayla... and fun to have a peek into your daily life. Happy Days ((HUGS))