Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Behind the Scenes

By the time this publishes, I'll have been living in B.C. for two weeks. A few highlights of my behind the scenes so far:

1. Art stuff: First thing was to set up a mini studio on my desk for mini art like ATC's and moleskin journals. Such a big change of environment seems to make my identity feel fluid. Visiting the galleries was a grounding experience that reminded me of who I am.  We also visited Granville Island which is full of studios, a fab market, and a great art supply store

2. The whole city is PINK with cherry blooms, apple blooms, and exotics the size of dinner plates that I've never seem before. At one point I felt like I'd stepped through the looking glass surrounded by bizarre magical growth.

3. We found a quiet Japanese restaurant where it was just the two of us, classical music playing and the most intuitive owners. They anticipated our every comfort. After the stimulation of the city, learning the busses, so much to look at, the contrast of the restaurant made it a tranquil haven.

4. Feeling at ease with the vibe here. Thrilled to see J! Am taking it easy today since I'm water fasting for spring cleansing. We'll be going to Stanley Park Saturday.


Lisa Graham Art said...

Sounds like you are settling in. Yay for quiet restaurants...they are hard to find here in Kansas.

Happy Wednesday!

mansuetude said...

have no idea where these places are, but it sounds wonderful. Enjoy your new adventure

Carole said...

Lucky you Shayla! Vancouver is a marvellous city to explore. Just wait until you experience the East End Cultural Crawl and walking over the Lion's Gate Bridge!

Barbara B said...

Yay. I love that you are on the west coast. (I "met" you on the Creative Every Day site a year or so ago.)

Tracy said...

So glad to hear what's happening and what you've been experiencing since the big move. So much stimulation and new things...very exciting! But glad you're finding pockets of calm amidst all the adventure. You sound happy! ((HUGS)) P.S. If you get a moment,please mail/update me your new address. :o)