Friday, March 2, 2012

Photo Friday Red Cherries

It's a common Chinese belief that artwork of a meal, or beautiful fruit in the dining area makes you  feel more abundant which is thought to bring more abundance into your life. A large mirror, which multiplies your meal, will also do the trick.


ArtPropelled said...

All I know is my mouth is watering abundantly.

mansuetude said...

most of us live like kings of once... fridge full of so much from all over. stimulation overload.

i feel more abundant when i come off a fast and am then extra Present when i rejoin with the bounty we take so for granted now; food in its simplest forms, the presence of others, speech out of silence, even music.

Tracy said...

Oh, such luscious red...mmm... much to enjoy and be thankful for. :o) Happy Week, Shayla ((HUGS))