Friday, January 20, 2012

Photo Friday Canadian Winter Landscape

New Brunswick

The North West view at my mom's in Woodstock before they sold the place. They're now live on a sailboat, with the cat, and are currently in Dominican Republic. We just had a snow, so it would look like this there today. We're going to connect with some city nature today at the park. 


Margie said...

I love winter!
We don't have any snow here and having a very mild winter.

Beautiful photo of your winter landscape in New Brunswick.

Shayla said...

You're missing the snow, it sounds like. Glad you like the pic.

Carole said...

We've got snow here on the Island and I'm missing the rain! Do your parents miss the snow?

louciao said...

Hi Shayla,
I'm pretty sure it's not too late to wish you a very happy, inspired, creative, and productive new year! And while I'm at it, Happy Chinese New Year as well, coming up next weekend. Year of the Water Dragon--good stuff.

We had some snow here in Vancouver, but I'm happy to say it's all been washed away now. It's so much prettier when it's in someone else's province! I hope you had a wonderful day out in the winter wonderland.
Lynne xo

Tracy said...

Oh, what a lovely view! And this looks like it could be a subject for you for painting. ;o) Your Mom's houseboat life sounds idyllic--and especially with cat in tow. ;o) We had snow at the weekend too--12 inches on Saturday, it was just snow'in & blowin'...bbbrrr... Happy Weeky, Shayla ((HUGS))