Saturday, November 19, 2011

AEDM day 19, diary post

Back in the studio- Preparing for the Chinese brush painting class tomorrow. The painting above is one of the exercises. To the Chinese the cherry represents feminine beauty (to me, my favourite fruit from a visual standpoint).  They also think having a painting of fruit in the dining area is a symbol of abundance and gratitude which in turn will bring more abundance. The dining room is seen as sacred with the table being some what like an alter. I like the idea of recognizing the spiritual part of eating with meal time being a time of gratitude and connection.  (The Fundamentals of Feng Shui by Lillian Too and The Chinese Brush Painting Bible by Jane Dwight). 

Savoured- A book on Japanese art a co-worker lent me. Bliss! I don't read Japanese so I can't find the title and link to it although it's probably out of print now. 

Grateful- 1. Curried shrimp at lunch 2. the colors and buzz at the market today 3. meeting new people 4. having fun at work 5. the coconut butter and vitamin e hair treatment worked well 6.  my mohair wooly socks 7. ready to unwind!


Anonymous said...

I really love the simplicity and color of your painting. Thanks for including the info about the interesting!

Wild C said...

Definitely a fruit with my name on it ;)

Nice light treatment, Shayla :)

Tracy said...

"The dining room is seen as sacred with the table being some what like an alter."...I couldn't agree more! There is much that is sacred, spiritual and holy in food--preparing it and eating it! LOVELY sketch of cherries, Shayla. I love cherries--one of my fave fruits. Funnily enough, I was on the hunt shopping for some new woolens socks yesterday--it's getting cold here! Hope you're having a good weekend, my friend :o) ((HUGS))

Gwen Hughes said...

Also cherry juice is supposed to aid sleep.
lovely gentle drawing:)

louciao said...

Lovely immediacy and loose brush strokes in the cherry painting.

Anonymous said...

Very nice! For a treat, you need to read the Mustard Seed Garden Manual of Painting...if you haven't already!