Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall Mini-Canvas

Fall coloured mini canvas shown actual size 4x4"


Liberty said...

that is awesome Shayla!
I love it :)

Tracy said...

Ooo...must say how DELICIOUS this one is, Shayla! I love the buttery and rusty tones...Makes me think of leaves, bon fires, pumpkin pie...*sigh*... And I love the miniature format...4"... WOW... I gotta try mini one day! :o) Happy Autumn, my friend. Hope we may get to chat again soon. ((HUGS))

louciao said...

Hi Shayla,
I'm so happy to have found your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine and leaving a clue.
This mini canvas is rich and full and positively glowing with that warm fall foliage red/rust/russet colour. Great leaf-crunchy texture, too.

M.Kate said...

Another fab painting Shayla. As you know we dont have fall or any other weather here, just very hot or very hot and rain. I'd love to experience the changes one day. Hugs for the

DJ said...

Great shot of your textures, kid!