Friday, July 23, 2010

Mini Canvas Series Painting number 12

'mini canvas' # 12 4x4" © 2010 Shayla Perreault Newcomb

Last one of the series.


ArtPropelled said...

I love this one, Shayla. It makes me feel so peaceful.

Seth said...

This is gorgeous. And the texture you have created is amazing.

MiKa Art said...

Your 4"x 4" feels so big! I am so amazed how much nuance you can put into the small paintings!!

mansuetude said...

such an eye for subtlty, the changing of a light source on the object feild. Sensitives.

i love the phrase word "wimpy values" from the other page too; its too delicious to leave alone, and resonates.

a young eagle just landed on a branch here, maybe its an omen (about values: symbol of a country? ) :)
thank you

M.Kate said...

I wonder what you are doing next...have missed you Shayla. Hope all is well...hugs/M

Shayla said...

Robyn and Seth thanks :)

Mika, I just realized that looking everyday at your small pieces helped train me. You are the Queen of 4x4"!

Mansuetude, thank you for your take on "wimpy values". I agree, that phrase has many layers.

M.Kate- I posted my next for you and am coming over for a visit.

EVA said...

Hi Shayla,

I mentioned you and your artwork at the end of my latest blog post.

I really love this series!