Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What is the strangest thing in your studio?

I was recently asked what was the strangest thing in my studio. An artist with a button collection is not so strange...

An artist with a collection of seaweed, shells, rusted wires, and a Robyn's egg is not so strange. The print in the back made by my great grandmother is conservative- not strange. I like the way she made the clouds.

An artist with old cracker jack prizes and dried flowers is not so strange...

This is the oddest bit with the most potential. It's a bicycle reflector. It doesn't fit at all with my work. For me it is strange, but I feel compelled to keep it.

Some experiments with the camera lead me to think there may be possibilities someday...

As you can see, for an artist, my studio is not that strange. What about you? What is the strangest thing you have in your studio? What is the strangest thing you have ever seen in someone's studio? Or even the strangest collection in someone's home?


Juggling Jason said...

Those pictures kind of blew my head off. Now I just have a neck.

picciolo said...

I wish I had a studio! I can see why you keep the reflector, the cracks and the colours are interesting
: )

layers said...

I have a lot of stuff in my studio-- many collections-- looking around I have to say that the strangest may be the animal bones-- vertebrae and skulls--some bird wings-- also rusty weathered stuff that I don't even know what they are..

ArtPropelled said...

The reflector wouldn't look strange in my studio. I suppose a shrine object from Zaire and a fishtrap from Kosi Bay would be the strangest pieces in my studio.
I can see the colours from your experimental photo in your paintings.

mansuetude said...

i used to have a round red reflector--not strange to me. Its in a box now.

i am the strangest thing in my studio, because i am full and rich of "unknowns and potential. That's the thing! :)

Sharmon Davidson said...

As I look around, I have to say the strangest thing is that I have my three dogs' crates in here. They take up a lot of room, but on the plus side, can be used as drying racks! I also have a stop sign, which I did not steal, but I think it's illegal to have anyway.

Tracy said...

Ooo...love the photographic experiments of the reflector--I can see an very Shayla-style painting there... ;o) I like how you've decorated your studio with all sorts...keepsakes & the whimsical mixed among the necessities. I like that! Looking around my studio I can see that I need to add a little strange...it's looking too organized and useful...LOL! Happy Day ((HUGS))

Terry Jarrard-Dimond said...

Love the pictures. I have an accordion band assembled from little ceramic figurines and one carved wooden figure. There is a picture of them in an albumn on my facebook page.

DJ said...

The strangest thing in my studio???


MiKa Art said...

I enjoyed looking at your stuff!

I have a photo of a cat which somebody left in a libary book. He(/she) has very "cat" expression and I can see a face of another cat in his eyes.

DJ said...

Shayla-Babe, I linked to you in my last post.
Sorry I didn't ask, but I was so stoked after painting all morning.
Lemme know if it offends. :-)

Shayla said...

Jace- hee, hee

Jane- I sympathize. It's hard to not have a studio. I heard of a woman who's studio was in her dishwasher. She stored all her supplies in there, and used the kitchen table as a work surface.

Donna,the photos you've posted of your creative spaces are inspiring. Aren't bird's wings and bones beautiful?

Robyn, that's true. I've thought of you before and wondered how you might incorporate it into your work. Your "strange" is indeed unique. Yes, those are my colors :)

mansuetude- You kept one too? Cool. Perhaps we are magpies. I like the strangest element in your studio- very clever, and true of course :)

Sharmon, a stop sign is unusual and what a striking visual it must make.

Tracy- It does look like my paintings, doesn't it :) An organized studio gives me a lot of creative energy. I imagine that's the same for you?

Terry- Your collection is great- I went right over to take a peek.I'm almost 100% certain that a ceramics collection of acordian players is unique to you. Bravo!

DJ- lol. A very good thing! Hooray for well used palettes.

Mika- that sounds like a cool photo and it's so appropriate for your studio.

DJ- thanks for linking to me and wow! There actually is (or was) a clean palette in your studio. Didn't last long, did it?

Four Seasons in a Life said...

Dear Shayla,

After seeing your post I was musing about that myself and wonder what people would think if I were to say that I have a real human skeleton, legs from a barn owl, other sorted bones. Two WWI model airplanes hanging from the ceiling in a dog fight assemblage, empty tins, old cameras and much more.

Maybe not so strange after all.

Love your two toy cars!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

Shayla said...

Egmont, thanks for stopping by. I hope your leave is doing you good. Yes- I'm surprised that you have a human skeleton in your studio- much better place to have it than in the closet ;) - agree that it's a rare find and can see how it would be beautiful and useful.