Monday, May 3, 2010

Mini Canvas Series Painting number 5 and "Heart Attacks"

'Gold mini canvas #5' 4x4" © 2010 Shayla Perreault Newcomb.

The week at the clinic went well. I've been resting and getting back into my routine. First day of short weather here, by my standards, that is. True Canadians have out their shorts and sandals as soon as the sun peeps out.

Here's Jace's latest song. I've started looking forward to making the videos since he bounces ideas off me, we brainstorm, he figures out what he's going to do, and I help out with the camera.

Since I did the research for my artist's statement, I've been fixated by symbolism. It's really cool to see when elements you added intuitively have a universal meaning. Jason is starting to convert... In this video he uses "shaving" as a symbol. I'm not sure if it was intentional at first or not but he's aware of it now.


Paul C said...

Interesting how you place three dots under the horizon...encourages me to linger and enjoy the view.

Tracy said...

The mini painting is wonderful, Shayla! Where's the pink?! ;o) Glad all went well for you at the clinic and you're settling into the usual again. Jace's song/video is terrific. You two make a great creative team! Happy Week ((HUGS))

Terry Jarrard-Dimond said...

Nice collaboration!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

I like the small canvases Shayla. Are they for sale?

MiKa Art said...

Welcome back, Shayla!

mmm...."shaving" can be symbol? (By the way, do you think that more men has facial hair recently?)

M.Kate said...

Another nice usual, all so pretty Shayla. Bet you cant wait for is the weather there? Aren't you starting to have spring yet? happy week..end Shayla..hugs/M

Shayla said...

Paul, I'm glad to hear it. I like slow paces- lingering encouraged.

Tracy, No more pink left in the series, only gold and black to come. I will do another set though, and the pink will reappear. Thanks for watching the video.

Terry, a collaboration is fun, although that was really Jason's project. I was assisting more than collaborating.

Leslie, thank you for asking. Most of these already have homes (l or 2 left), but there will be another set like these for sale. They are $30 each, and the opening special will be $20.

Mika, I didn't get the meaning either- but then I don't shave my face ;) For Jason it symbolizes intimacy, and when we looked it up in a symbolism dictionary it said "sex" so I guess he's right on. As for more facial hair, yeah you're right. I think it's more culturally acceptable now. New Brunswick is still uptight about beards though- shame. I like beards.

M. Kate- yes it's now Spring and warm enough to wear shorts, the tulips are blooming, in a week or so everyone will plant their veggie gardens. I'm a fan of LOTS of dry heat- and unless it's mid summer, or in winter beside a wood stove- you just don't get that here.