Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sound and Silence

"Black and White" 16x20" © 2009 Shayla Perreault Newcomb.

This painting has been in storage since I made it. It was an experiment with stencilling and the look was different enough that I didn't include it with my last show. I also put it out of site since I had a strong, unpleasant reaction to it. It doesn't provoke the same reaction anymore, so I'm bringing it out to show.

At the time of making the painting, I'd been listening to a CBC radio show talking about death. Whenever I looked at the painting, I was reminded of all of the feelings that the show brought up. Have you noticed how memory can work that way? I've noticed it with songs too. Some songs are memory heavy. At this point, I prefer not listen to music etc. anymore when painting. It used to catapult me into inspiration but now I feel it interferes with what's already there.

Many artists have done exciting things with music and painting. Kandinsky, for example could hear music when he saw color. His compositions are strongly linked to music.
I wonder if we could guess which artists use music and which use silence just by looking at their work. Anybody game to try?

Leaving you with a sign that spring is in New Brunswick too. The first Dandelion.


DJ said...

Yes, it's interesting how we attach moods & experiences to painting and music. If I create while watching tv, the show comes back to me when I view the work later. I've gotten careful about listening to music while creating, so the memories are more positive than negative.
Your stencil piece is really strong; it would evoke strong emotions, either way. But then, all your work evokes emotions, Shayla. Some strong; some subtle.

Margie said...

I find that I write much better in quiet as music is too much of a distraction.

I like your stencil piece!

Love the springtime in the Martimes!

Margie :)

M.Kate said...

Nice picture..tad gloomy but fits perfectly with what's written in this post. Music always reminds me of something in my life, it's a strong connection. I remembered hearing some songs over and over again, and then I read some very grieving news on the papers and was so emotionally in pain. About a death of a young child and something very unpleasant were circulated in the emails..and unfortunately, I received it. Never listened to the same CD - ever again. Glad to see sign of spring :) Happy week ahead Shayla...hugs/M

jeane said...

this is such a strong piece Shalya - it feels cold and uninhabitable - I personally like it :)

Tracy said...

Such drama and heaviness in that painting, Shayla...I can see how listening to a program about death could be intertwined with the overall feelings in the painting, leaving an unpleasant taste. Thought I do like the technique you've used here. It's a funny thing what music or sounds can do to transform or upset the creative experience. In recent years I've become careful what I listen to while working. No news of any kind, no TV, only very carefully selected music. Anymore though, I prefer silence. I like your idea of a quiz about music & art--sounds like fun! And wonderful to see some signs of spring... Happy Weekend ahead, my friend :o) ((HUGS))

picciolo said...

I'm with you, I tend to create without music, I don't even have the sound on when I am designing on the computer. It was interesting how your associations stuck with you for a good while, it is a great example of how everyone could look at the same piece of art but we would all see different things
: )

MiKa Art said...

Mmm...interesting thought about painting and music.

I love the silence (not total silence - kind of very quiet noises) in Christopher Pratt's paintings.

Shayla said...

DJ- that's exactly what I mean. Isn't it funny how that is with memory?

Margie, I can see that with writing it would be difficult to have music on. Pretty soon the tulips will be blooming :)

Hi, M.Kate, so you've had that happen too. I agree, this piece is more gloomy.

Jeane, thanks for telling me your take on it. Your comment helped me see that I was sensoring myself.

Tracy, I would have guessed that you listen to specially chosen music :)

Jane, your designs are so colorful, I imagined you listening to energizing music, lol. I was wrong. That's neat how people see different things in the same painting.

Mika, what a neat comment! You helped me hear Christopher Pratt's paintings... they sound minimalist and ambient.

Regina said...

Much food for thought here.
Just saw some Kandinsky works at the Chicago Art Institute a couple weeks ago. I may be back in a few more weeks and will have a different perspective when I observe them. Thanks for the insight.