Monday, November 9, 2009

Oil Painting Tutorial 1

Part of my Art Every Day activity ( was to film myself painting yesterday. This video features a tutorial for easy and fun texture plus I talk about my process. My Spouse-guy, Jason, is also in the video asking a few questions.
You can check out his music videos under the Youtube chanel "The Pathetic Club."


Leah said...

Shayla, this is SO cool!!! I loved seeing you in action, hearing you talk about your work and seeing your work live like that was so amazing!

I'm totally going to try that scrubby pad method out. Thanks for the inspiration!

Peggy Stermer-Cox said...

I'm not an oil painter and I think this is cool! I like the question and answer, back and forth narrative that you have. It helps to make the video interesting... nicely done!

Matt DeFore said...

Shayla, I had hoped you would talk about your technique and here it is...I look forward to more.
I'm at a business conference in Indianapolis and spent most of the day with a Canadian from Ontario...great guy. Come to think of it, I can't recall ever not liking someone from Canada..good people.

M.Kate said...

Shayla my dear, this is my most favourite post ever! I mean how often we get to see a video of a good blogger friend in action..I mean, some of my bestest friend in blog land I have never ever seen a face! I love this post Shayla, not only the tutorial but I get to see you :) Big hugs for the whole ya!! Am going to show Eli this post, she loves painting :)

Tracy said...

"dancing with the canvas..." Just loved seeing your work in action, Shayla! It was so great to see you, hear you, and see what a day is like for your in your studio and see the process. 20 layers per canvas...I like how you build the layers and how much feeling there is behind each one. And LOVE that navy-purple! Very impressive how you put this together so naturally, organically...and with help from hubby Jason (Hi, Jason!) and the question-answer drawing us more into the process. Thank you so much for sharing! :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

ArtPropelled said...

What a treat, Shayla! It's great seeing you and how you go about creating your paintings as well as hearing your voice. I'm so happy you are also painting large canvases. The internet is wonderful isn't it? Here I am watching you paint .... I can't believe it!

Jeane said...

Shayla, I loved this - it was so fun - more please :)

Gwen Buchanan said...

Heeeyyy fantastic free-loving video...
Love it!!! and the size of it... What a playground!!!

picciolo said...

Hey, how great to see you painting and hear your voice! I loved your video, what a great idea. And I'm so glad your opening went well too

Gwen Buchanan said...


Just had to come back and tell you how much I absolutely loved the rendition of "Help" that your Jason did.. it is Fantastic!!!!!!!!..
Better than the original!!!! Absolutely!!! I'm playing it for John tonight... All the Best!!

bridgette said...

loved seeing you in action shayla! how fun!

MiKa Art said...

It is awesome! I really enjoyed watching you work. (whatever the reason, it made me really relaxed and calm...)Thank you, Shayla!

Shayla said...

Leah, I'm glad you liked it. Your Art every day challenge has turned out to be lots of fun.

Peggy, thanks for the feedback and nice to meet you. I love your cat series.

Matt, thanks for giving me the idea. It turned out to be much easier than I thought. Thanks on the Canadians complement and may I repay it? I'm a fan of Americans. There's so much great culture and spirit there that you don't always get credit for. I can't wait to travel more in the States.

M. Kate, it feels more like a visit, doesn't it? I liked it too. It felt like I was talking to all my buddies, not a camera. I didn't know Eli paints. Very cool! Does she use watercolor, oil, or something else?

Tracy, I wasn't expecting Jason to ask questions, but it ended up giving me something to talk about ;)

Robyn, that is neat, isn't it? I'm so happy we don't have to choose our friends based on location anymore. This is the first time in over a year that I've started painting big again. My energy levels are good. Sometimes I forget how much things have changed in a few months.

Jeane, thanks. I'll see what I can do ;) and back at you. I love your videos.

Gwen, glad you liked the video, and I showed Jason your comment. He got embarassed/pleased and said it wasn't as good as the original. I like the way his version seems to hit a nerve with "now."

Jane, thanks. I was nervous about the opening and it feels good that the major part of the work is all finished.

Bridgette, thanks for watching.

Mika, funny isn't it? I find watching people paint to be very relaxing too.

Liberty said...

I so thoroughly enjoyed watching this video! thank you so much :-)
I look forward to seeing more.
I had no idea how big some of your paintings actually are!
(I love that painting by the way. So far I've seen no painting of yours that I did not love.)
How long do you find they take to dry?

M.Kate said...

Hello Shayla..came back to see this video again, loving everything..but most of all, loving to hear your voice..makes us so much nearer. Eli paints with normal water base colour but she's the creative one at home :P

love ya and big muah2 for the whole weekend :O

Regina said...

It's great to see you in action. You have some great tips on this video.
I haven't been able to keep up with blogs lately, and I just want to say here - Congratulations on your show and all the beautiful work you have been doing. Blessings to you.

nancy said...

nice glimpse of you and your process,
thanks for sharing

Shayla said...

Liberty, depending on the color you choose, paint takes a couple days to a week and a half to dry to the touch. Then it takes a year to really dry out before varnishing. For MCS'ers, varnish isn't necessary or you could pay someone to do it for you. I haven't painted this big in over a year. Didn't have the energy to move that much. The size of the canvas is proportionate to how much more energy I have. It's great to hear how much better you're feeling too.

M.Kate, watercolors- how nice!

Regina, thanks for popping in and your kind words.

Nancy, thanks :D

WildCherry said...

Playing catch up as always, I just found your fab video. I can't wait for part 2, I felt like I was in the room with you! It was amazing to witness your process and I can't believe how relaxed you were :-) A privilege to witness amother Newcombe masterpiece being born! Kudos to you my friend :-)