Monday, November 2, 2009

Art Every Day month challenge

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L'aube des rêves 16"x20" oil on canvas © Shayla Perreault Newcomb.

This painting is about that soft, warm feeling when a dream is first born, we're just letting it glow a little, feeling the wonder, and no critical voices have tried to snuff it out.

November 1 marked the start of the Art Every Day Month challenge. I like the idea of this challenge. It fits with the idea of rituals and habit. Thirty days is what it takes to set a new habit. An art every day habit would keep me in a creative frame of mind, and would hone my skills.

My ms. perfectionist side is not invited. An approach of curiosity, play and humor are going to go a lot further production and happiness wise. That means that some days I may color in a coloring book, scribble, or dance in the kitchen. It doesn't have to be painting.

To keep that perfectionist side at bay, I figured it would be better to keep track in my art journal instead of posting every day. I'll post as per usual.

So far my Art Every Day month has consisted of working on a large oil painting.


Leah said...

This piece is stunning, Shayla. I love the mood it exudes

Jeane said...

this painting totally evokes the feelings you describe - beautiful and I think the month ahead will be wonderful for you on many levels!

M.Kate said...

Beautiful piece's wishing you a great week ahead :)

KathrynAntyr said...

This painting is absolutely gorgeous! Wow!! I look forward to seeing more of what this month brings out in you.

linda said...

The piece is amazing...such!

picciolo said...

what a great idea, I didn't know it takes 30 days to form a habit. Dancing round the kitchen sounds like fun too!
: )

MiKa Art said...

Lovely piece, and what a great idea, Shayla! I am a big fan of your art and it is so exciting to see it everyday!! Seeing your "not too perfect" side will be wonderful and inspiring.

Love, MiKa

Tracy said...

This dream painting is very dreamy, Shayla... that soft glow is enchanting. This is maybe what is was like when we were born--the light, the feeling... Just like your dream. Everything is given birth in some way. I just love how your works have a quiet first glance, but grow so much deeper with lingering and looking. This is beautiful! Enjoy making art this month however it moves you. I was tinkering with going along with this art challenge--seriously!--but as we will be traveling soon, I don't think I can devote enough time to it and share about it. 30 days to a new habit though... I like that! Have fun, my friend :o) ((HUGS))

Shayla said...

Leah, you're everywhere at once! Thanks for the support. It means a lot.

Jeane, Yay! I'm so glad you think so.

M.Kate, hope you've enjoyed your week. On to the weekend!!

Kathryn, thanks. It's going to be a fun month, isn't it?

Linda, thank you for your kind feedback.

Jane, the cutting out chocolate habit took me considerably longer than 30 days... still, chocolate's an understandable exception ;)

Mika, I love seeing your art every day. It's always perfect to me. You've encouraged me to take pictures of even the worst creative messes I make.

Tracy, I couldn't translate the title to English without it sounding hoaky (Dawn of Dreams- pretty trite) but your choice of the word 'birth' is right on. "Birth of Dreams" works well. Yes, I have wondered too what it feels like to be a newborn. That's an intriguing vision you have.

Seth said...

Such a beautiful piece here. It is so pure and powerful in its seeming simplicity.

rivergardenstudio said...

Oh... your work is lovely... and your words beautifully describe that feeling "when a dream is just born" I feel this way today.... thank you, roxanne