Monday, June 22, 2009

Painting "Sound"

You know when a tune gets stuck in your head and you can't get it out? This series is based on a song, or more like 2 bars of music, that I haven't identified yet. It could be Stereolab.

In June many are exploring sound with Creative Every Day. I like how these prompts simmer on my back burner for a month. By the third or fourth week I find they've somehow inspired my work.

My other sound project was more intentional. Have you ever heard a good movie soundtrack and stopped to wonder what your life soundtrack would be? Do you have a personal soundtrack or one song that is you? I put together a playlist for my current body of work. It went hand in hand with my artist's statement.
This exercise was beneficial for keeping my focus and loving it. It's also great to surround myself with outstanding artists and savour how they expressed it. Some of the songs I chose for the words and some for the mood and feelings they evoke.

Now dish, what's your personal anthem?


Tracy said...

LOVE the bubbles, Shayla...they have such a happy trip going on! I must bookmark that Creative Every Day--I like ideas there. Great songs on your soundtrack list. My own soundtrack list has so many song--I could write a week about that--LOL! Hard to pick just one...the current track of my life is "Echoes" by Pink Floyd--my life a mosaic of all sorts just now. Great topic today... Has me thinking about the periods of my life and all the songs of them--very interesting! Happy Day ((HUGS))

postcardsfromwildwood said...

Hello Shayla, I love your 'song' series of paintings. I have thought about a soundtrack to my life many times. In 1990 I put together a tape of my favourite songs and now with my iPod I have a playlist for this. But you've been able to be far more concise. There are currently 85 songs on my playlist! I wonder if I can get it down to 5 or 6...?

Jeane said...

I love the idea of the circles in these pieces representing the tune that sticks in our heads and goes round and round - wonderful :)

cheryl said...

I'm loving the circles, Ihave an affinity to them*-and the colors and design you've created has me smiling! You do beautiful work! And Leah's CED is awesome for keeping us in the flow of our creativity.

Hmm, sountrack? I can't pick just one, it depends on my mood but just this morning I was listening to: "Beautiful Flower" by India Arie and "Forever Young" by Rod Stewart; I also like I am "Unwritten" by Natasha Beddingford(?; Stevie Wonder's "Do I Do" is energizing and name a few. Glad you asked.

I look forward to coming back. :)

*P.S. *sharing my affinity to circles w/you here:

Robyn said...

I always go back to Loreena McKennitt for some reason ...sprinkled with a little Katie Melua ....a pinch of James Blunt.

M.Kate said...

Like tRacy..I do love the bubbles too, looks too much fun. I have so many fav song..never thought about how one song will reflect my life..if there is, it will be something that's loud and noisy, don't know why though. There's this piece of musical I heard at my cousin's wedding few years ago, it stuck on my head for months..and I love it so. Very interesting post Shayla :P

constance said...

I like nina simone too :) especially "My baby dont care"!

Shayla said...

Tracy, I listened to "Echoes" for the first time yesterday and have been thinking about it ever since. Pink Floyd is always a challenging listen- the genius and insanity- can be a brain breaker. That's a special song. There are so many facets to a person and seeing this side of you makes me wish we lived closer. I love that you love pearls, pink floyd, and things that seem to contradict.

Janice, I cheated a little. My picks are just for one aspect of my life, one thought I’m expressing in my tree series. Of course every person is made up of thousands of songs, always changing. That’s cool that you’ve thought of your life soundtrack too.

Jeane, cool! Now I know why I chose circles. You’re right, that fits.

Cheryl, that’s the first time I’ve heard India Arie and what a wonderful artist! Thanks for introducing me to her. Also found “I am not my hair”- what an empowered woman. Your playlist was uplifting and happy. Loved it! I love your art too. I agree that the circle is an energetic symbol.

Robyn, ah! Loreena McKennitt is magical. I enjoyed your other picks too. That’s the first time I’ve heard of Katie Melua. I’ll be back for more.

M. Kate, “loud and noisy” perhaps your life is action packed, or perhaps it’s “joie de vivre.” Even both?

Constance, oh yes that’s a good one. She’s so unpretentious.

Leah said...

What great reflections on sound, Shayla! You've inspired me!

Gosh, I'm not sure what a soundtrack for my life would entail, but I'll be thinking on that one.

Love the artwork and how it was inspired by just part of a song.

bindu said...

Your bubbles look light and happy. Quite musical. A couple of songs that I always go back to (english ones) are Sailing by Christopher Cross and Eagle by Abba. They feel just right for me.

Regina said...

Great post. The other night when my mind was winding down I started thinking about the similarities between composing a good song and a good painting. I decided that I'd like to try painting to Vivaldi's Four Seasons - capturing the rapidly moving passages and the quiet ones. I don't really have a soundtrack. I like so much music. Lately I've been listening to Michael Card after hearing him in concert and the door prize - a great collection of ~ 10 CD's. His music inspires and ministers to me now as much as it did when I first heard him about 20 years ago.
I really like your interpretations of circles. They are one of my favorite motifs.

Tobybear said...

That's a really nice project idea, and really nicely executed.

In my list of ideas I have one to paint the sound of a Tui, which is a native New Zealand bird, which has a sound that's so strange and beautiful that it needs to be honoured somehow.

Really enjoyed the read of your blog post. Great stuff!

WildCherry said...

Yay another Nina fan - I saw her once live, epic!