Thursday, February 26, 2009

Going Home

Jo of Mystory tagged me earlier. The tag was to choose the 4th photo from the 4th picture file on my computer, post it and then choose 4 fellow bloggers to do the same...

This comes from my "Business Folder" and is one of the publicity shots taken by Maurice Henri two or three years ago. My coach at the time said it wasn't an appropriate career image for an artist, so it hasn't been used.
Here Maurice was trying to get me to relax and told me to think about something I wanted. I decided to think about what I wanted most- to go home. Heh, heh, not from the shoot, but really home.

My family's not really sure how many times we've moved. For many years, it was every year, sometimes sooner, and I've never lived in one place for longer than 5 years. Journeying, travelling and the ideal destination at the horizon are some of the themes in my paintings. Those can be spiritual, physical or emotional journeys, but if I apply it personally, often it's about finding 'home.'

Home can mean so many things. What does it mean to you?

I'm going to ask these four out to play tag:

G at Doves Today

Bindu at Transient Lives

Gwen at Desideratum

Mika at Mika Art Blog


M.Kate said...

It is a beautiful and peaceful shot of you Shayla, you look really good! and trust me, not many people want to post pictures of themselves, I have no idea how some of my fav bloggers look like :D

Jeane said...

hmmmm - I'm wondering why your coach didn't think this was a good photo for an artist - I think this is a remarkable photo of you - it's so soulful - I believe you were thinking you wanted to 'go home'.....I love the photo...home for me is with everyone and everything I love.

Tracy said...

Very nice photo of you, Shayla! I like your short hair style...and the serene look and glow about you. :o) I, too, wonder why your coach did not think this an appropriate shot for an artist??!! The mind boggles...Home. "Home is where the heart can rest..." Those are lyrics from a song I heard once, and I think that is true. Living abroad, away from my native homeland, I've had a lot of time to come to terms with the concept of home and what it means. For a long time I was conflicted in my feeling of having two homes--my new home in Norway, and my heart-home in America. Home has come to mean anywhere I am at anytime living my true life with love, heart & soul. :o) Happy weekend, my friend ((HUGS))

Gwen Buchanan said...

Shayla, you are Beautiful!!!

I feel Home is a place of belonging.. It feels like a sigh.... a place that wraps itself around you ... where you have a sense of connection... and that could be for many reasons... it is hard to explain..
Home may have nothing to do with the childhood home or homes...

I do know that I know when I am not home... it makes me feel
restless and uneasy...

I also think Home could be somewhere you have never been before but you will know it when you find it... You will say this is where I belong.. it feels like peace...

bindu said...

That's a great picture of you. This is an interesting post ... what does home mean to you ... since I have done the photo tag already, I think I will make a new tag out of this question, if that's ok with you. About where home is.

MiKa Art said...

Nice picture!!

Thank you for tagging me. I went to see what was my 4-4 photo and it was strange one.

Have a great weekend!

Robyn said...

Shayla, this is such a beautiful pensive portrait of you.

Home is a place where I feel absolutely comfortable to relax and be myself.....a place where I belong....where I feel loved.

Shayla said...

M.Kate, yeah sometimes we can be shy about posting our photos for a bunch of reasons. I think that's why it's always popular to post photos of our feet/funky shoes/or painted toes on blogs. It's us, but not as revealing. I'm glad you shared your photo. You and your girls are beautiful :)

Jeanne, the coach said artists need two looks. One that's very professional and one that's friendly and approachable.This one she said is more for musicians. I'm still wondering about the different rules for artists/musicians... Your 'home' sounds like a great place.

Yes, Tracy, that makes a good home. Ahhh heart and soul: good books, good meals, a purry kitty...

Gwen, I call that my 'spiritual home.' When you know you have some claim on a place even if you've never been there before. BTW, whenever I need a dose of 'home' I sure get it when I visit your blog. It reminds me of many of the details from childhood homes- from the woodstove, to the sunrise.

Bindu, that's a great idea. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Mika, thanks for playing! It's neat to see the inspiration behind some of your paintings.

Robyn, that was so beautifully put. Your home sounds portable, and could just as easily be a friend's house. So much of seems an inside thing.

Jo Horswill said...

Shayla, what a stunning image of you!
So glad you joined in the "4th Photo" tag.
Home is where I can just "be" at one with myself.
That dosen't just mean the home where I live, although I feel it here allot.
I have felt at home at a number of different locations...from the back streets of Paris to sitting with a Monk on a mountain top in Thailand!!!

JafaBrit's Art said...

What a lovely portrait photograph, very contemplative, not sure I agree with your coach, but what do I know, I stick my tongue out at viewers LOL!

I am a geordie (from the Northeast of England) and have a strong sense of identity and place, that is my anchor.

I like how tracy described it, heart-home,and home being where I am. I think that is why I don't feel lost, I have my anchor, and right now it is raised and I am enjoying new homes in new places (currently in Yellow Springs, Ohio) but I am still on that Geordie ship.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

The word “pensive” comes to me when I look at this beautiful photo of you, the artist.