Monday, December 29, 2008

"In one year and out the other"

I have a couple of new year's projects on the go. Above is a portion of a collage about what I want from the coming year and what I want to give it. Waverly Fitzgerald's concept of slow time has been especially inspiring. When hearing her speak recently she explained about natural rhythms, and different ways of measuring time. I've found them personally to be more gentle and surprisingly more productive than old fashioned time management and goal systems. I haven't read any of her books yet, but have noticed that she has a blog called Living in Season that you may find interesting to check out.

This is part of my abundance journal for 2009 which I customized. The silver dollar dried petals/leaves were sitting in my studio for quite some time before I figured out a use that I liked. They add a nice layer of depth to the leaves. Kate had a photo of silver dollars in her winter garden if you've never seen them and want to know what they look like (third photo down).

Lastly, I took some time to reflect on 2008 accomplishments. I didn't figure I'd have any, since I've been on sick leave for the year, but there they were. That's a pick-me-up! The highlights were signing on with a new corporate gallery, improving my techniques, visiting galleries in Halifax, and meeting some very cool people. I'll just mention two for now. Robyn helped me with a creative block, and her site is very muse-like. She's often showcasing outstanding artists for inspiration. Jeane's methods of deconstructing really clicked and let to some very satisfying studio time.

I hope you found beauty in your 2008 and that you'll find plenty of joy and abundance in the years to come. See you in 2009!


bridgette said...

shayla- those are some great accomplishments! I am glad our paths crossed this year and I wish you a happy and creative new year.

I love that you are making a collage based on your intentions. That's a great idea.

silver dollars are so cool and they add a great effect to your piece. I enjoyed them in my garden back in seattle.

Shayla said...

Thanks, Bridgette :) Thanks to you for your beautiful work, both your art and your writing. It's always sincere and rings true. Happy wishes to you.

Regina said...

The silver dollars ARE really cool.
Thanks for the inspiration you given me this year. Cheers!

Jeane said...

Shayla - I really, really, like the collage section you showed - those dots right in the middle of it all?, I just love! - the silver dollar tree is pretty, and fun and graceful! thank you for the very kind and gracious mention - I feel very fortunate to have made this cyber friendship - I find your take on things so thoughtful and smart and inspirational in a way that I'm not wired to see....thank you

rivergardenstudio said...

I love your idea for the collage/mosaic and find your blog to be beautiful and intriguing. Happy New Year! Roxanne

Tracy said...

Hi, Shayla! It's been a priviledge meeting you this year and witnessing your art...your spirit and creativity inspires! :o) There is a feeling of abundance and growing in both of these pieces. I hope 2009 finds you expanding your horizon and on a road to health. So glad to catch up with you here. Hope you've been enjoying a happy holiday season. We're just back from our Christmas trip to the US and getting over the jet lag and settling in...ringing in 2009 will be quiet here-LOL! Wishing you love & joy in the New Year! ((HUGS))

Robyn said...

Shayla, I have so enjoyed getting to know you through your blog. We are lucky to have the internet to help bridge the distance. It is still mind boggling to me. Thank you for your positive comments on my blog and for the generous mentions here on yours. So often a word or two can alter one's frame of mind in a split second.

Your silver dollar tree is lovely and dreamy. We share a love for trees....and art .....and that is often all we need to inspire one another.

Happy, Happy New Year and wishing you the most creative 2009.

M.Kate said...

Beautiful post Shayla and for me, one of the best thing in 2009 was finding new friends like you..
happy new year and may 2009 brings you lots of joy and happiness, much love - M


Hi Shayla, great blog!

Shayla said...

Regina, thank you. I'm honored by your comment. It's been a pleasure meeting you and seeing your experiments with new art supplies. Do I detect a fellow supply-junkie?

Jeane, thanks. That's what I'm greatful for too- another way of seeing things, oh, and a chuckle here, a cackle and squeal there is so much fun. Your writing style is entertaining and can make for much noise on this end :D

Hello Roxanne, I've seen you around cyberspace. Thanks for introducing yourself. So you're an artist, writer, and teacher? Very cool.

Hi Tracy, glad you got back safe and sound. T'es gentillesse incarnée- or you're kindness incarnate (sounds silly in English, but just perfect in French) and I love our virtual visits. If they were real time, I think we'd do tea, have a friendly gossip and a good laugh. Yes,the pieces are about growth and abundance.

Robyn, yes, true. The right word at the right time is so good. Thanks for bringing a little bit of South Africa, and your spirit to Canada. No jet leg for either of us!

Mary Kate,You were one of my first regular visitors. Newbie-me found that to be such an encouragement. I've loved learning about the rich culture in Malaysia and seeing your cute, fluffy pet bunnies. Thanks so much for the connection and friendship.

I love black and white, nice to meet you.