Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New Tools

I'd heard Amber talking about using a trowel in her work and figured she meant something like the crackfiller tool above. It made a pleasing picture in my mind. It could be fun to try. Since I was a kid watching my dad do renovations I'd always wanted to play with the crackfill so last fall I started incorporating "crackfill techniques" into my paintings and using that nasty spatula. Yes, I'd heard of a palette knife. I thought the finger sized one above was the only size or shape they came in and frankly, we didn't get along all that well. I didn't know that fine artists had their own set of "crackfill and spackle tools."

I'd seen these guys beside the cash at The Art Shack, but they weren't with the painting brushes so I didn't think they had anything to do with painting. Being unable to blend too well with my handy woman tools I asked another artist what I was doing wrong. How could I get a more delicate mark? He clued me into these gems. Yesterday's painting was my first go at it with them and they've sure made the process a whole lot easier! If you haven't tried them and want to play around with your textures I know you'll love them.
On a personal note, I've got a ripping bad headache so I'm going to try resting it off. In an amusing twist of irony the artist run center across the street is having some kind of drum festival tonight. Not percussion. No symbols. Just a loud, earthy, thunder like beat similar to throbbing. Without the headache, I suppose it would be quite danceable...


Anonymous said...

mm I see my favorite tool, second knife in your trio
It is fun to play with textures
I wish I could even more on a different level,with different tools. But I'm a bit nervous.
Sorry to hear you have a headache
Feel better

Regina said...

I found out about the joy of painting with palette knives quite by accident. I like to use up every bit of acrylic paint off my stay wet palette after completing a work, so I started painting ATC's or other small works using a palette knife. I've been really excited about some of the results.

picciolo said...

hope your head gets better soon! I love experimenting with new tools, these sound like they have been a success aleady
: )