Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Painting of the Week and Couch Art

Painting of the week is called "Imaginatif."

After an intensive period in the studio, I've been seeking out more comfortable areas to create. For now I'm really into "couch art," that is anything that can be done on my couch. That excludes things that can spill, stain, or disolve. Besides pencil crayons, markers, and drawing pencils I've taken up sewing again. This weekend I started a project for a braided blue jean rug (well I suppose technically that would be "couch fine craft"). It's going to take a lot of blue jeans so I've started nagging everyone for their castoffs.

Another project I started was to take apart a batik jacket (gorgeous, but too big) and use the fabric for studio cushions. Jace is now freelancing so he has a desk set up in my studio too. This meant moving things around a bit. Jennifer of Inspired Home Office has a great workbook for joining her newsletter. It's called "Putting the Fun in Functional: 3 Steps to an Office You'll Love." It works for Studios too. She's talking about the importance of having a stimulating LEM area (lateral eye movement). Wherever your eyes fall when you're thinking really hard is that area and what you put in that area has a direct impact on your creativity. It even influences the message that comes out in your artwork. So interior decorating is part of the creative process. I've been wanting to paint the kitchen yellow for two years now. It's beige and in my LEM area. This is a good reason to get going on that. Jason's desk is also in my LEM area, so I've been making sure it's to my liking. The batik cushions will improve the looks of his chair and will hopefully make the studio comfortable enough to start getting out the messy projects again.

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