Monday, July 9, 2007


Wish I could say this is me, but my vacation will consist of trying not to work for a week. I need a refresh and refill. Can't create (or do anything else!) when I'm empty. Will read lots of books, which is nice. Still, I can't get out of the city just yet, and the closest hammock I know about is 2 hours away at a friend's house I've nicknamed "the Spa." It's not an immence house. Perhaps cottage-like to some, but they have the knack of living. It's surrounded by trees, with a wide view of the river and sunsets. We light cosy fires in the evening and get out the guitars, and good food is ever present. Meals are an event!
One afternoon in their hammock seemed to cure the earth of all its woes at least for a few hours. To me an afternoon in a hammock can make time go slower and slower until it seems to stand still, and you're tasting eternity.

Jason's vacation is in August and we'll take of to the beach then.

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