Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Of Gelato and Buzz Cuts

This is a mixed media project I’m toying with. I havn’t glued down the pieces yet.

It’s 90 degrees in our apartment. That used to be quite normal for a New Brunswick summer, but we’re all melting. Part of it is not being used to it. Part of it is the way an old building seems to trap heat, especially on the second floor. I’m working really hard in the studio, but it feels like all my movements are slowed by an unearthly gravity.
It has called for serious measures, such as weekend trips to the beach, and frequent visits to the candy store for homemade gelato. I finally broke down and got the dog a buzz cut plus purchased a superblast fan and now the summer is enjoyable again.

I took a few of my new coffee filter paper mixed media paintings to Heron Bay Gallery this morning, but forgot to photograph them. Dave, the artist in residence said he’s been mixing coffee grounds in his work. He says it tints the acrylic a subtle brown and gives a nice texture. Good idea for city people who can’t easily get sand.

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Leah said...

oh, i love this!!! i love the color the shapes and the arrangement.

i feel like i could have written the second paragraph myself as i live on the second floor of an old house and it's so incredibly hot. all my cats are lounging around looking pathetic. poor things. and i just went out and bought two power fans. hopefully we won't blow away. :-)

thanks for stopping by!!