Friday, June 22, 2007

Playing with Texture

Wah ha hah! Been playing more hookey from business stuff. This morning I smeared gobs of white acrylic paint over my canvass with a credit card-like piece of plastic for lots of texture. It felt like crackfill.

My parents were constantly rennovating. Fixing up old houses and then selling them... So there were always these buckets full of crackfill in the house.

When I was three, I remember suggesting to my dad that the crackfill would make superior mud pies, but he wasn't going for it. The stuff just begged to be played with, smeared, patted, sculpted.

I suppose since I'm supposed to be a member of the adult world (hah!) I should have lost interest in making mud pies out of crackfill, but truth be told, I havn't. This means texture sessions are especially delightful.

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