Friday, June 29, 2007

I took down the exhibit today, so I get to redecorate the house a bit. It was nice to see a few more people had been in. There's a group of people in Moncton that are so dedicated to the arts, they're at every vernissage they can possibly make it to. It's a population here of 126 000 with a sister city, Dieppe of 17 000 nearby. So were not a mega city by far, but we have enough galleries to keep everyone hopping non-stop.
Jason did his presentation tody. He gets some well deserved cheerleading. The finished product was excellent. Now I understand when I show unfinished work why viewers can't see where I'm going. I've got the whole thing plotted in my head, and I'm sure they can see it too. Best to wait until it's finished.


amber said...

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